Triage Troponin & CK-MB, BNP, and D-Dimer Kits


Bonus pack (3 x 25)

Triage TNI/CK-MB with BNP+D DIMER 3 Kits, 25 Tests each - one of BNP, D DIMER and TCI/CK-MB.

The Triage Bonus pack includes 1 kit of Triage D-Dimer, 1 kit of Troponin and CK-MB tests, and 1 kit of BNP) 3 packages of 25 tests.

Item requires refrigeration for product stability.

Disclaimer: Triage products are guaranteed to have minimum 60 day shelf life or longer. Triage products may not be returned after shipment. To request specific expiration dates prior to shipment please place your order by phone at 1-888-882-7739

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