LifeSign MI Troponin Tests


For The Rapid Qualitative Detection Of Cardiac Markers To Aid In The Diagnosis Of Acute Myocardial Infarction

  • Qualitative Troponin I
  • Enables prompt emergency room decisions
  • Easy to use procedure; Add 3 drops of specimen into device
  • Read results in 15 minutes
  • Improves patient care

Principle: The LifeSign MI® Troponin I Test employs solid-phase chromatographic immunoassay technology to qualitatively detect the presence of cTnI above an established cutoff level in human blood, serum and plasma samples. After a specimen has been dispensed into the sample well, plasma or serum is transferred into a region containing monoclonal anti-cTnI antibody-dye conjugates and rabbit polyclonal anti-cTnI antibodies. These antibodies bind to cTnI in the sample to form complexes, which migrate through the reaction strip. The antigen/antibody dye complexes are then captured by immobilized avidin in the TnI area. Additional protein-dye conjugates not bound in the Test (TnI) area are later captured in the Control (C) area.

Visible purplish horizontal bands will appear in the TnI and C areas if the level of cTnI is above the established cutoff level. A visible purplish band in the C area indicates the assay is working properly. If a band is present only in the C area, the result is read as negative, indicating that the level of cTnI is below
the cutoff level. If no band is present in the C area, the test should be considered invalid and another test must be run, regardless of the presence or absence of a band in the TnI area.

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