QuickVue Quidel iFOB Test Kit


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The QuickVue iFOB (immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood) test is an immunochemical device intended for the qualitative detection of fecal occult blood by laboratories or physicians offices. It is useful in determining gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. (FDA 510K#: K021423)

QuickVue iFOB Test:

The QuickVue iFOB test is an FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived rapid immunochemical diagnostic tool intended to detect the presence of blood in stool specimens. Blood in the stool is an indication of a number of gastrointestinal disorders, including colorectal cancer.

Screening may prevent many cases of colorectal cancer because most colorectal cancers develop from adenomatous polyps. Polyps are noncancerous growths in the colon and rectum. Detecting polyps through screening and removing them may actually prevent cancer from occurring. Furthermore, being screened at the recommended frequencies improves the chances that colorectal cancers will be detected at an earlier stage.



Bold Burgundy Color End Points

Easy to read test results.

5 to 10 Minutes to Result

Allows prompt diagnosis and treatment scheduling.

1 Step Procedure

Fewer procedural steps. Decreases risk of operator error.

Pictorial Procedure Guide

Simplifies understanding of test procedure.

Immunochemical Assay

Specific to human hemoglobin, unlike Guaiac-based tests which also detect peroxidase activity and animal blood from food.

Room Temperature Storage

Requires no reagent warm-up. Use as needed without waiting. Does not take up refrigerator space.

12-18 Month Dating*

Provides flexibility for low volume labs.

Built-in Internal Control

Indicates an adequate volume of specimen was used.

Patented Specimen Collection Tube

Convenient, odor-free collection tube functions as specimen applicator and allows for short/term storage of sample. Specimen remains hydrated maintaining the integrity of the sample.

No dietary restrictions

Improves patient compliance.

No medication restrictions

Improves patient compliance.

USPS Compliant Packaging

Provides for safe and efficient specimen transport. (Excluding product 20201)

Assigned CPT Code (G0328)

Recognized by Medicare for reimbursement. See our Reimbursement page for more information.

External Kit Controls Available

Facilitates internal laboratory quality control.

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CLIA: FDA Cleared/CLIAwaived

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*It is always the provider's responsibility to establish appropriate coding & charges.

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