Glucose Testing


(25 Tests)

New Tiered Pricing Quantity Required Price per Box
Tier 1 1 - 3 Boxes $24.41 per Box
Tier 2 4 - 9 Boxes $22.89 per Box
Tier 3 10+ Boxes $22.33 per Box


PTS PANELS Glucose CardioChek Test Strips, are intended to be used by healthcare professionals to measure glucose in whole blood and by individuals with diabetes to measure glucose in fingerstick whole blood at home. (Note: Select part #CHEK-2863 or ST-1015-50 for blood collection and dispensing For use with CardioChek Brand Analyzers.

FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived (FDA 510K#: K013173).


For the measurement of glucose in finger stick whole blood. Glucose measurements are used in the management of carbohydrate and metabolism disorders. Glucose is a sugar that is the major energy source in the body. maintaining appropriate glucose levels is very important. This system may be used to monitor Glucose.

A MEMo Chip is provided with each package of test strips, and must be properly inserted into the analyzer before any test an be run. The MEMo Chip contains the test name, calibration curve, lot number and test strip expiration date. After the test strip is inserted into the analyzer and blood applied to the strip, test results are displayed in about a minute.


  • Fast turn-around time with results in minutes
  • Easy operation
  • Long shelf-life with no refrigeration requirements
  • Accurate results

Materials provided:

  • PTS Panels Cholesterol Test Strips
  • MEMo Chip (contains lot-specific test strip information)
  • Instructions

NOTE: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. For use with the CardioChek Brand Analyzers.

CPT Code*: 82947QW - Glucose; quantitative, blood (except reagent strip), 80061QW, Lipid Panel

National Limit Amount: $5.62 (single - 82947QW), $21.25 - (80061QW), (82947QW)

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