CoaguChek XS PT Test


(1 box of 48 tests)

  • Roche Diagnostics CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips are a flexible, accurate test strips used for PT/INR anticoagulation testing
  • CLIA Waived

The CoaguChek XS System is intended for use by professional healthcare providers for quantitative prothrombin time testing for monitoring warfarin therapy. The CoaguChek XS System uses fresh capillary or nonanticoagulated venous whole blood.

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The CoaguChek 04625315 XS PT/INR System has revolutionized the monitoring world for PT/INR testing and it is easy to see why more CoaguChek strips are used for point-of-care anticoagulation testing than all other brands combined. This system is easy and convenient to use as the strips allow for dosing from the top, right, or left for simpler blood application. The dosing size is very small, at only 8µl, and the CoaguChek system uses the fingerstick test. Most patients prefer this method because it ensures that they will have the most comfortable testing experience possible with a non-invasive finger test. 

Consistent monitoring of patient allows doctors to make proper adjustments when necessary and to ensure that PT/INR levels remain within the target range. By doing so, medical professionals are able to lower the risk of serious health complications such as bleeding or clots. At the end of the day, frequent testing is the best way to monitor the way patients are reacting to medication and make changes when needed. Your team will love using CoaguChek test strips. The results are accurate and precise, and load within approximately one minute. The system also performs on board quality control, so no outside QC is needed.

These test strips, sold in 48 test boxes, can be used to manage a large variety of patients with only one simple, accessible device. The device is small, battery powered, and easy to use in even the most chaotic environments. The automatic controls turn the device on with strip insertion and off with time, so you do not have to worry about a thing. Your testing process will be simplified for you and your patients with the CoaguChek XS System and test strips.

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