Surgilance Pink Lancets (High Flow)


(100 Lancets)

Surgilance Pink 2.8mm Needle Lancet, High Blood Flow 40-60 ul, 21ga finger stick glucose test, hematocrit tube.

The SurgiLance® Safety Lancet is used for convenient micro blood sampling, offering simplicity and single-use safety for healthcare professionals as well as patients. The lancet is one of easiest to use and safest lancets available in the market for micro blood sampling. Its innovative design protects users from needlestick injury and the unique one-step activation mechanism makes it extremely simple and reliable to use. The device is available with either a needle or blade, each with different depths of penetration, to provide optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types.


  •  Does not require arming
  •  Color-coded for easy recognition
  •  Needle is safely concealed before and after use
  •  Patented design makes blood sampling easy and safe
  •  Once the lancet is used, it is rendered inoperative, providing added  
     safety for patient and clinician
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