Siemens (Bayer) Multistix Pro 10 LS

(100 Strips) Siemens (Bayer) Multistix Pro 10 LS Urine Reagent Test Strips, includes test strips for protein high, protein low, creatinine, blood, leukocytes, nitrite, glucose, ketone, pH, specific gravity and bilirubin. Strips also measure physical characteristics, including acid base balance and urine concentration. (FDA 510K#: K992257)
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Multistix PRO® Reagent Strips - Operational

Introducing Multistix PRO Strips: The only urinalysis strip providing protein to creatinine ratio results

The National Kidney Foundation recommends the use of the protein-to-creatinine (P:C) ratio for more convenient assessment of protein excretion.

The National Kidney Foundation has selected Siemens Diagnostics' Urinalysis Products exclusively in their Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP)

Multistix PRO Urinalysis Strips along with the Clinitek® 50 Urine Chemistry Analyzer automates your P:C ratio testing.

  • Multistix Pro strips are CLIA-waived for even more convenient testing
  • Results in just 60 seconds
  • Reduces the need for 24-hour or overnight timed urine collection

Multistix PRO strips: versatile, vital urinalysis results. In concentrated or dilute specimens, false results can be reduced by over 75%*

  • Reduced false positives mean fewer costly follow-up tests, which also alleviates unnecessary concerns for you and your patient
  • Reduced false negatives mean fewer delays in patient treatment

Excerpts from the 2002 National Kidney Foundation Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative (K/DOQI)

"The ratio of protein or albumin-to-creatinine in an untimed "spot" urine specimen corrects for variations in urinary concentration due to hydration and provides a more convenient method of assessing protein and albumin excretion than that involved with timed urine collections."**

"Urine protein-to-creatinine and albumin-to-creatinine ratios provide accurate estimates of the urinary protein and albumin excretion rate, and are not affected by hydration."**

"24-hour urine collections may be associated with significant collection errors, largely due to improper timing and missed samples, leading to over-collections and under-collections."**

Do You See Patients with These Increased Risk Factors for Kidney Disease?

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Family history of chronic kidney disease
  • Non-caucasian
  • Age >60 years
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Exposure to Nephrotoxins, including certain medications

"The American Diabetes Association and the NKF-PARADE have recommended assessment of proteinuria to detect chronic kidney disease."**

Multistix PRO® 10LS Strips add the benefit of the P:C ratio to your current Multistix® Strips.

Note: Multistix PRO 10LS does not test for Bilirubin or Urobilinogen.

* Pugia MJ, Wallace JF, Luke KE, Lott JA, Shihabi ZK, Sheehan M, Bucksa J. Multi-site Evaluation of a New Dipsticks Protein, Albumin and Creatinine in Urine with Visual Results and Quantitative Methods. In press J. Clin. Lab. Analysis. Poster abstracts Clin Chem, 46:A25,A2,A17;2000. Clin Biochem, 2000, 33:S235.
** The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative (K/DOQI) Guidelines, references on file.


  • Firm plastic strips to which are affixed several separate reagent areas
  • Ready to use upon removal from the bottle and the entire reagent strip is disposable
  • The strips may be read visually, requiring no additional laboratory equipment for testing
  • Certain configurations of strips may also be read instrumentally, using the Clinitek(R) family of Urine Chemistry Analyzers and the appropriate Program Module or Program Card
  • The directions must be followed exactly. Accurate timing is essential to provide optimal results
  • The reagent strips must be kept in the bottle with the cap tightly closed to maintain reagent reactivity
  • To obtain optimal results, it is necessary to use fresh, well-mixed, uncentrifuged urine

CPT Codes*:

81002 - Urine Dipstick, Visual 

81003QW - Urine Dipstick, Automated

82570QW - Urine Qualitative Dipstick w/Creatinine

National Limit Amount:

81002 ($3.74) - Urine Dipstick Visual,

81003QW ($3.28) - Urine Dipstick, Automated,

82570QW ($7.56) - Urine Qualitative Dipstick w/Creatinine

*All CPT codes are supplied for information purposes only and represent no statement; promise or guarantee by CLIAwaivedTM Inc. that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. It is the responsibility of the service provider to confirm the appropriate coding required by their local Medicare carriers, fiscal intermediaries and commercial payors.

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