NUVETEST™ Rapid Acidity Test Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Test Kit


(25 tests)

A one-step detection test for vaginitis associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV) and trichomonas.

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  • The NUVETEST™ is a qualitative, visually-read swab for clinicians who wish to evaluate women with vaginal symptoms
  • The device is a vaginal pH indicator swab intended to be used in conjunction with other clinical examinations, such as the Amsel criteria or the Nugent Gram stain, to aid in determining conditions characterized by elevated vaginal pH, such as bacterial vaginitis
  • The NUVETEST™ is comprised of a vaginal swab, coated with an innovative proprietary polymer, which contains the colorimetric pH indicator, Nitrazine Yellow
  • When the polymer, which is yellow before use, come into contact with fluids with elevated pH level, the user observes a blue or green stain on the yellow background
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