Instant-View Methamphetamine Drug Tests


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Methamphetamine 500 MET Drug Screening Kits, rapid onsite drug test for detection of drugs of abuse in urine. Simply dip card into specimen cup or apply a few drops of urine to test well. Read results in 4 minutes. FDA-Cleared and CLIA Classified as Moderately Complex. (FDA 510K#: K063545)

Methamphetamine urine cassette and dip strip test:

  • Method: Lateral flow test
  • Cut-off level: 500 ng/ml or 1000 ng/ml
  • Accuracy: cassette: > 95.2%, dip strip: > 99%
  • Precision: cassette: 98.30%, dip strip: > 99%
  • Sample: Urine
  • Read time: 4-7 minutes
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Shelf life: 12-18 months from date of manufacture
  • CLIA Classification: Moderately complex


  • Simple, one-step procedure
  • 12-18-month shelf life at room temp. (from date of manufacture)
  • Small sample volume required
  • Offered in cassette or dip strip format
  • 1000 ng/ml cut-off level
  • Optional cut-off level of 500 ng/ml
  • Assigned CPT Codes
  • Multiple Classes: 80100
  • Single Class: 80101
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Speedy results; minimizes user error
  • No special storage requirements to maintain stability
  • Tests can be reliably performed with minimal amount of specimen
  • Various formats for applying specimen
  • Meets SAMHSA standards for substance abuse screening
  • Ability to meet special requirements
  • Accepted by Medicare for reimbursement
  • Reliable, on-time supply & ready technical support

CPT CODE*: 80305

Nation Average Reimbursement 2019: $12.60

*All CPT codes are supplied for information purposes only and represent no statement; promise or guarantee by CLIAwaivedTM Inc. that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. It is the responsibility of the service provider to confirm the appropriate coding required by their local Medicare carriers, fiscal intermediaries and commercial payors.

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