Hemoccult® Guaiac Fecal Occult Blood Test Systems


(1000 Slides, Applicators, (20) Bottles of 15mL Developer)

Hemoccult is a convenient, qualitative procedure that uses a guaiac paper slide test to detect fecal occult blood. The Performance Monitor feature provides assurance that the guaiac paper and developer are functional on every collection card that is tested.

Hemoccult® Single Slides are convenient for use when single fecal specimens are collected for routine in-office gastrointestinal screening.

Box contains: 1000 Hemoccult® Single Slides (test cards), twenty 15 mL bottles of Hemoccult® Developer, 1000 applicator sticks.

Each Box Contains:

-1000 Slides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the dietary restrictions?

A: For seven days before and during the stool collection period avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin (more than one adult aspirin per day); 3 days prior to and during the test period, do not eat red meat (no beef, lamb or liver in any form) or take vitamin C in excess of 250 mg/day.

Q: How should this product be stored?

A: At room temperature, away from heat, light and volatile chemicals.

Q: How long is the fecal sample stable?

A: The fecal sample must be tested within 14 days of application to the slide.

Q: What is the difference between Hemoccult and Hemoccult SENSA?

A: Hemoccult SENSA is more sensitive.

Q: May I test alternate samples (gastric fluid, breast secretions, etc.) on this test?

A: No - this test has only been validated for human fecal samples. Other sample types may not give accurate results. For gastric occult blood testing - refer to our Gastroccult® product page.

Q: Can the developers for Hemoccult and Hemoccult SENSA be interchan ged?

A: No, the chemical composition of these products is not the same.

Q: Can I interchange different lot numbers of slides & developer?

A: Yes, the components are NOT lot-specific. Use ONLY Hemoccult Developer (yellow & green striping, yellow cap) with Hemoccult slides, and ONLY Hemoccult SENSA Developer (blue & green striping, blue cap) with Hemoccult SENSA slides.

Q: What is the CPT code?

A: The CPT code is 82270 for "Fecal Occult Blood, Diagnostic", or G0107 for "Fecal Occult Blood, Screening".

Q: What is the reimbursement?

A: The 2000 National Cap is $3.50.

Q: What types of configurations are available?

A: See the Product Instructions.

Q: How do you interpret a positive test?

A: Any blue color "on" or "touching" the fecal sample is considered a positive test; Performance Monitor® must function correctly for a valid test. Color interpretation charts are available from Technical Marketing.

Q: Seeing "blue" slides prior to adding developer; is this test card considered invalid?

A: "Blue" slides can be seen when storage is incorrect; review storage. However, blue slides can be interpreted as valid tests if upon adding developer, the guaiac paper around the fecal smear reverts back to white. Interpret a positive test when any blue color is seen "on" or "touching" the fecal sample; Performance Monitor must function correctly for a valid test. (Note: Do not interpret the blue ring that migrates outward as a positive test.) BLUE SLIDES SHOULD BE REPORTED TO TECHNICAL MARKETING.

Q: Is external Quality Control available/required?

A: No, the Performance Monitor is an "analyte" or "reactivity" control (derived from hemoglobin) and provides adequate QC. However, if laboratory procedures manual or local regulations require external control testing, follow those guidelines.

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