Disposable Pipette Tips


(50 Pipette Tips)

Disposable Pipette Tips (Bag of 50). For use with 35uL, 40uL, and 50uL MiniPet Pipettes.

The Cholestech LDX System brings a wealth of benefits to healthcare professionals and patients. The LDX System delivers the ability to measure a complete lipid profile and glucose, ALT, AST, and hs-CRP and it does it all in 5 minutes per test cassette (7 minutes for hs-CRP).

The accuracy, speed and broad menu of tests available for the Cholestech LDX make it an invaluable tool in the fight against heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Best of all, the rapid results allow for immediate testing, counseling and treatment decisions.

Disposable Pipette Tips (50/bag): The Pipette Tips are used for pipetting quality control material and venous samples for the Cholestech LDX system. The tips are used in conjunction with the Mini-Pet Pipetter. For use with 35 uL, 40uL, and 50 uL MiniPet Pipettes.

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