Clearview hCG II (Dipsticks)


(50 Tests per Tube)

Clearview hCG II (Dipstick). Clearview hCG pregnancy test strip test is a simple dip and read test for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin hCG at 25 mIU/mL in urine. FDA Cleared and CLIA Waived. (FDA 510K#: K954444)

Clearview Easy HCG:

Patented technology provides a laboratory-quality test which is fast, reliable and produced to the highest standards.

The early diagnosis of pregnancy is important in the planning of antenatal care as it can help moderate maternal activities which could present a risk to the unborn foetus e.g. reducing smoking and alcohol intake.  It is also invaluable, as an expectant woman can avoid other factors which could affect the baby such as avoiding infections or contra-indirected treatments.

Clearview Easy HCG offers the flexibility of 4 easy sampling procedures:

  • "Hands free" test - place stick in urine and leave for any time between 3 and 10 minutes
  • Dip the stick in the urine sample for 15 seconds
  • Pipette 100ml urine directly onto the test stick
  • Hold test stick in the urine flow for 3-7 seconds.

The benefits of Clearview Easy HCG include:

  • Results in just 3 minutes
  • Results remain stable for up to 10 minutes
  • Sensitive to 25mlU/ml hCG in urine
  • Assists identification of suspected ectopic pregnancy
  • No cross reactivity with other hormones at clinically significant concentrations
  • Built-in procedural control
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Becomes a hygienic, sealed unit after use

Order No. 92211

Qty: 50


CLIA: FDA Cleared/CLIAwaived

CPT Code*

  • 81025 - Urine pregnancy test
    • National Average Reimbursement 2019: $8.61
  • 84702 - Chorionic gonadotropin test
    • National Average Reimbursement 2019: $16.73

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