ALCO-Screen Controls


The ALCO-SCREEN® / ALCO-SCREEN ®02 CONTROLS may be used to comply with CLIA regulations or to test the viability of either the ALCO-SCREEN® and/or the ALCO-SCREEN ®02 strip devices. The ALCO-SCREEN® / ALCO-SCREEN ®02 CONTROLS are formulated as a positive control and a negative control. The ALCO-SCREEN® / ALCO-SCREEN ®02 CONTROLS will give false results if used on any other test or instrumentation since they are formulated specifically for use with the ALCO-SCREEN™ and the ALCO-SCREEN 02™.


The ALCO-SCREEN® / ALCO-SCREEN® 02 CONTROLS should be stored refrigerated 35-46°F (2-8°C) to maintain optimum stability. DO NOT FREEZE. The ALCO-SCREEN®/ ALCO-SCREEN® 02 CONTROLS should not be used beyond the expiration date printed on the bottle label. If the ALCO-SCREEN® / ALCO-SCREEN® 02 CONTROLS become cloudy or form a precipitate, do not use and discard properly.

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