Alco-Screen 02 Coast Guard Training Video


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The Alco-Screen 02 DVD/VHS Training Video for Serious Marine Incident meets requirements of new Coast Guard regulation. Complies with training requirements and reviews serious marine incident regulation. Demonstrates test procedure and documenting tests.

Alco-Screen .02 Coast Guard Training

  • Complies with training requirements
  • Reviews Serious Marine Incident regulation
  • Demonstrates test procedure and documenting test results
  • Use for initial training and refresher training.

A new Coast Guard regulation effective June 20, 2006 requires alcohol testing within two hours of a serious marine incident. The regulation also requires that personnel who conduct the alcohol test be trained in the alcohol testing device they use. We created the Alco-Screen 02 DVD/Video training program to provide a quick and convenient way to comply with the training requirement of the new rule. This DVD/Video training program meets the training requirement for this regulation.

Given that the Alco-Screen 02 device is quite simple to use we aimed to make this program as brief as possible. And given the relative low cost of the Alco-Screen 02 device, we aimed to keep the cost of the training program as affordable as possible. We pared the information down to the minimum to adequately train personnel. In a fast-paced 17 minutes the program highlights relevant portions of the Serious Marine Incident rule relating to alcohol testing, demonstrates how to use the Alco-Screen 02 device, discusses how to interpret test results, demonstrates the testing procedure, and illustrates how to document the test results on an alcohol testing form.

Personnel who view this program will know how to conduct an alcohol test using the Alco-Screen 02, and will know the procedure to follow if the test result shows the presence of alcohol.

The brief nature of this training program also enables an employee to quickly refresh their knowledge of the alcohol testing procedure should the need arise to perform an alcohol test.

FDA Cleared and CLIA waived.

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