Access Sensitive Estradiol Reagent


100 Determinations, 2 x 50 tests

Estradiol is a natural estrogen present in both women and men. Because estradiol levels reflect follicular maturation, clinicians commonly order this test in women to assess ovulatory status. The measurement of estradiol also has been used as a valuable tool in the assessment of sexual development in children, anovulation and/or amenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, and causes of infertility and menopause. Support informed clinical decision making for patients experiencing these conditions with the Access Estradiol assay. Benefit from the assay’s state-of-the-art sensitivity for greater confidence as well as its broadest dynamic measuring range for increased efficiency.

Experience state-of-the-art sensitivity for greater confidence in low-end results

The Access Sensitive Estradiol assay provides more accurate results for patients seeking answers to reproductive health questions.

  • Demonstrates proven correlation to GC-MS, the gold standard for estradiol testing
  • Measures low levels of estradiol to aid in healthcare for women, children and men

Create efficiencies and reduce costly dilutions 

The Access Sensitive Estradiol assay features the broadest dynamic measuring range.

  • Surpasses clinical decision limits for in vitro fertilization (IVF) hyper-responders
    • During IVF, clinicians measure estradiol levels after gonadotropin stimulation to determine follicular status
    • A clinical study has demonstrated that 27% of IVF cases may require dilution and subsequent reruns1
    • Access Sensitive Estradiol may enable laboratories to report accurate patient results while avoiding costly dilutions 
  • Offers published pediatric reference ranges

Sample Types

Serum, plasma (lithium heparin, sodium heparin, EDTA)/30 μL pickup

Limit of Quantification (20% CV)

≤ 19.0 pg/mL (69.7 pmol/L) 

Limit of Detection 

≤ 15.0 pg/mL (55.1 pmol/L) 

Reportable Measuring Range 

15.0–5,200 pg/mL (55.1–19,089 pmol/L) 

Calibration Stability

28 days 
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