3mL Phosphate Based Saline PBS - No Swab


(400 Vials per Case)

Transport tube with 3mL Phosphate Buffered Saline "PBS" - 102mm length vial contains 3ml of PBS solution.

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The KaiBiLiTM Extended ViralTrans PBS is phosphate buffer saline which can maintain pH and osmotic balance, as well as provide cells with water and essential inorganic ions.

Appropriate specimen collection and transport is important to accurate laboratory diagnosis of infectious disease. Not only personnel operating skills, but also a proper specimen collection and transport system are essential attributes for reliable diagnosis result. The KaiBiLiTM Extended ViralTrans PBS is suitable for collection, transport of clinical specimens. The system is consists of a plastic, stand up tube with screw cap filled with universal transport medium, and with/without flocked swabs. Specimens need to be placed in to the tube containing transport medium immediately after sample collection and submitted to the laboratory as soon as possible. It is recommended that 2~8°C is the most appropriate temperature for specimen transportation.

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