Thermo Scientific™ Streptex™ Latex Agglutination Tests


(50 per Pack)

Rapidly identify and differentiate staphylococci which possess coagulase and/or protein A, particularly Staphylococcus aureus, using the Thermo Scientific™ Staphaurex™ Latex Agglutination Test.

Use this rapid latex agglutination test, providing a complete solution for the isolation and differentiation of Lancefield groups A, B, C, D, F & G.

View distinct, clear results with white latex agglutination on a black background. Individual latex grouping reagents are available as required.

With Streptex, group specific antigens are extracted from streptococci in a simple incubation step. Antigens are then identified using polystyrene latex particles which have been coated with group-specific antibodies. These latex particles agglutinate strongly in the presence of homologous antigen and remain in smooth suspension in the absence of homologous antigen.

For a more rapid acid extraction method, Streptex Acid Extraction Kit (Part No. R30951301) is available for use with Streptex. Acid extraction will rapidly extract the Group antigens without the need for incubation. However, Group D antigen is not extracted efficiently with acid extraction; therefore, an alternative method must be used to confirm suspected Group D streptococci.

Proven Performance
  • Rely on tried-and-true tests with more than 50 years of combined proven performance
  • Maintain confidence with reliable results that have greater than 99% sensitivity (according to data available in the package inserts)
Workflow Efficiency
  • Clear-cut, robust reactions provide easy-to-read results
  • Improve productivity with compact kit configurations, color-coded reagents and convenient workstations
  • Flexible use from selective and non-selective media
  • Control latex is not required
Economical Solution
  • Maximize spending efficiency with the option of purchasing separate kit components
  • Save time, money, and resources by turning to one company, one source, for a complete set of Staph identification solutions

Streptococci are facultatively anaerobic, catalase-negative, gram-positive cocci that occur as pairs or chains. They cause a wide variety of clinical diseases including pharyngitis, scarlet fever, otitis media, impetigo, meningitis, neonatal sepis, pneumonia, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, and necrotizing fascitis. One of the most useful phenotypic characteristics of streptococci is the hemolytic reaction, generally classified as alpha, beta, or gamma, according to the appearance of zones around colonies growing on Blood Agar. Beta-hemolytic streptococci are further characterized by Lancefield groups based on the antigenic differences in group-specific polysaccharides located in the bacterial cell wall.

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