SPOTCHEM II Total Cholesterol Test Strips


(25 Strips)

SPOTCHEM II Total Cholesterol test strips for use with the Arkray SPOTCHEM EZ dry chemistry analyzer SP-4430. (FDA 510K#: K042443)

Simpler than ever operation with built-in centrifuge!
Whole blood samples can be measured easily and promptly with built-in centrifuge for pretreatment. Continuous measurement, up to 9 items, is available.

Automatic calibration is completed in a second!
By reading the "magnetic card" attached to each test strip, variations among lots and changes with timing of test strips are automatically calibrated. Now users are totally free from complicated operation.

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  • Convenient test strips with 12-18 month stability
  • Calibration completed in seconds with easy-to-use magnetic cards
  • Waived instrument with waived and moderately complex tests


(Call for availability of the products listed below, if not listed our website)

  • Lipid Products
    HDL Cholesterol (25 strip test kit)
    Total Cholesterol (25 strip test kit)
    Triglyceride (25 strip test kit)
  • Diabetes Products
    Glucose (25 strip test kit)
    Fructosamine (25 strip test kit)
  • General Chemistries
    ALT (25 strip test kit)
    AST (25 strip test kit)
    ALP (25 strip test kit)
    GGT (25 strip test kit)
    LDH (25 strip test kit)
    CPK (25 strip test kit)
    Amylase (25 strip test kit)
    Albumin (25 strip test kit)
    BUN (25 strip test kit)
    Total Bilirubin (25 strip test kit)
    Calcium (25 strip test kit)
    Total Protein (25 strip test kit)
    Creatinine (25 strip test kit)
    Phosporous (25 strip test kit)
    Magnesium (25 strip test kit)
    Uric Acid (25 strip test kit)
  • Panels
    Lipid Panel (25 strip test kit)
    Basic Panel 1 (25 strip test kit) Includes: BUN/GLU/CRE/ALB;
    ISE is separate
    Basic Panel 2 (25 strip test kit) Includes: ALP/T-BIL/T-ALT/
    T-Protein/AST;ISE is separate
  • Controls
    Control Level 1 (10 x 5 mL)
    Control Level 2 (10 x 5 mL)
    Diluent & Dropper Tops 20 (20 x 50 mL)
    Fructosamine Control (Low) (3 x 1 mL)
    Fructosamine Control (High) (3 x 1 mL)
  • Consumables
    Serum Sample Tubes (1 x 500)
    Centrifuge Tubes (1 x 100)
    Tip Set (1 x 500)
    Thermal Paper (5 rolls)
    Cleaner Set
    Cleaning Wire
    Nozzle Set
    Tool Set
    Waste Case
    Centrifuge Cover
    Microline Tube Assay


CPT Code*: 82465 - Assay bld/serum cholesterol

National Average Reimbursement 2019: $4.84

*All CPT codes are supplied for information purposes only and represent no statement; promise or guarantee by CLIAwaived Inc. that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. It is the responsibility of the service provider to confirm the appropriate coding required by their local Medicare carriers, fiscal intermediaries and commercial payors.

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