On Call Express Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Starter Kit


(1 Meter, 1 Carrying Case, 10 Test Strips, Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, Control Solution) 

At its core, the On Call Diabetes Care brand is committed to the health of our customers. Carefully designed for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. By choosing On Call, you can rest assured knowing your meter is more than just a means to accurate results. It is the cornerstone in your diabetes management.

When accuracy meets convenient features, monitoring diabetes gets easier.

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  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Auto calibration circuitry in every test strip
  • Audible fill detection and redosing to avoid wasted strips


  • 4 second testing

Less Pain

  • Tiny 0.4 uL blood sample
  • Alternate site testing (Palm, Forearm)


  • No coding required
  • User friendly design
  • Large display with bold numbers
  • Convenient test strip ejector

Advanced Features

  • Stores 300 tests with date/time
  • 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90-day averages
  • Helpful meal markers
  • Hypo and hyper alarms
  • Ketone test alert
  • 5 daily testing reminders

Important Information
Each On Call Express blood glucose test strip is for single use only, do not reuse them. Do not wipe test strips with water, alcohol or any cleaner. Do not attempt to remove blood or control sample from test strips to clean and reuse. Reuse of test strips will cause inaccurate results. On Call Express is for in vitro diagnostic use only. Do not consume.

Caring for On Call Express Test Strips
• Test strips must be kept in original vial with vial cap tightly sealed.
• NEVER transfer test strips from one vial to another.
• Write date opened on test strip vial label when removing the first test strip.
• Use test strip quickly after removing from vial. Recap vial right away. Strips left outside of vial too long may give an error message.
• Store test strip vial in a dry place at a temperature between 40°F-86°F at 10%-80% relative humidity.
• Do not store in bathroom or kitchen.
• Do not expose to extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight or high humidity for any length of time.
• Discard any test strips or vials that appear damaged.
• Do not bend, cut, or alter test strips in any way.
• Do not reuse test strips.
• Discard all unused test strips in vial after either date printed next to EXP on the test strip vial label or 120 days after date opened, whichever comes first. Using test strips past these dates may cause inaccurate results.

What is "auto coding" and no coding?
There is no need to physically code the On Call Express. Coding is accomplished simply by inserting a test strip into the meter - and the meter takes care of the rest!

Quality Control Test with a Control Solution
On Call Express Control Solution is used to check testing technique and system performance. When control test results fall within ranges found on test strip vial label of test strips being used, system is working properly and testing technique is good.

Important Quality Control Information
It is important to perform control tests with more than one level of control solution to assure your system is working properly and your testing technique is good. There is one On Call Express control solution available that contain known amounts of glucose.

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