Know Drug Test Cup 13


(25 Cups)

Know Drug Test Cup (When You Need to Know!) 13-Panel Cup (AMP 500, BAR 200, BUP 10, BZO 200, COC 150, ETG 500, FEN 25, K2, MET, OPI 300, OXY 100, TRAM 100, THC + CRE/OX/pH).

This cups tests for many illicit substances and prescription drugs. New 13 panel cup is the most comprehensive on the market and also includes tests for Tramadol, Alcohol (ETG metabolite offers 80 hours of detection for Alcohol), Fentanyl and K2 Spice.

NOTE: Not FDA cleared, not CLIA waived. For forensic use only.

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The Drug Screen Cup is intended for the detection of drugs of abuse and/or metabolites in human urine for workplace and insurance screening purposes only, excluding tests intended for Federal drug testing programs (SAMHSA, DOT, US Military).

The test provides a preliminary result only; presumptive positive results should be confirmed using an alternate chemical methodology (such as GC/MS,  LC/MS,  GC/MS/MS  and  LC/MS-MS)  if donor doesn’t acknowledge drug use or if your policies require. 

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